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Welcome Aboard

Adv 1 wh.png

Watch our video walk through tour here!

Is a Silverton 453
Hardtop / Hardtop version
with 5 A/C and Heated Zones for your Comfort.

This means we can operate all year 'round and we can keep the entire boat 70 Degrees, Summer and Winter. We even have a fireplace in the main salon to cozy up to on chilly days or nights!
She is 50' overall and 15'4" wide. Stable and comfortable for your enjoyment.
She has a comfortable front sofa for 3 and a completely glassed in sky lounge that seats 6 passengers
Adventure One side.png

"Adventure Two"
Is an AB 12" RIB adventure fun boat!

She comes on our full day and 2 day Adventures so we can get ashore and do sidetrips like
Exploring the Clark Fork Delta.
Max 2 passengers and Captain Cam Drives.
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