We offer a variety of "pre planned" charters that make cruising with us simple and beautiful. These particular charters were born from our client's favorite and most requested cruises.

These charters can be viewed in detail as you scroll down this page. Each one has a different personality, but all are sure to excite your sesnes and awaken your soul. 

If for any reason you don't find exactly what you are dreaming of, have no fear! We are happy to customize any charter for you personally. The sky and the shorelines of Lake Pend Orielle are our only limit! 

Our majestic lake is truly like no other, but it has often been compared to the fjords of Norway. Others have said it is the closest one can come to taking an Alaskan cruise in an afternoon. No matter what you compare Lake Pend Orielle to, everyone agrees that it is breathtakingly beautiful!


Our charters provide the opportunity to escape the ordinary and, often times, stressful pace of everyday life.  They are a chance to get lost in a secluded bay, take a moment to listen to the sound of an eagle catching a fish, slow down and watch a mountain goat graze on wildflowers, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

We do Everything in our Power to provide you with the Most Amazing Experience possible, and we take no greater joy than Pleasing our Clients!

The Difference Between a Cruise and a Charter.....


Chartering a Yacht is, in essence, hiring the vessel and professional crew to manage all aspects of service to you during the charter period.

Unlike a Cruise, where you never know who you may be sitting next to, or sharing dinner with, Our Charters are Private, and include only your invited guests. Other than staff,we never mix people outside of your group with you.

The Base price per charter covers the cost of vessel and crew. You may choose to bring between one and six people depending on the charter option chosen. Costs for food and options per person are listed below for each charter option.

We do not sell or provide alcoholic beverages, but you may bring your own aboard.

We supply our USCG Merchant Mariner Licenced Captain, USCG  documented and voluntary inspected vessel, registered for Coastwise Trade, and crew members to take care of your needs.
This includes our staff taking care of menu planning, food purchase and prep, cleaning and maintenance of the vessell and all aspects of safety required, as per USCG regulations.

A Charter Agreement with all necessary clauses, and a liability waiver is sent to you at time of booking. Payment must be made in full to confirm the booking and assure your sailing date and time.

We take care of everything and make every effort to ensure you have an Experience of a Lifetime, that you will Cherish for years to come!

3 Hour Sunset Charter
with optional
Six Course Gourmet Meal
or Charcuterie Plate

Our Sunset Dinner Cruises are loved by all, and our most popular charter.

We depart three hours before sunset, so the time varies with the season, because we always aim to serve dessert at Sunset.

We explore a loop of the southern end of the lake form the Goat Cliffs to Whisky Rock and back via Cape Horn, to enjoy the Sunset while overlooking Bayview.

Our Cuisine may have a Modern Twist, but our roots are from Old Vines:


Molly's Gramma used to always say, "Food is Love", and it is a phrase that we at Great Northern Nautical take pretty seriously. Our guests are treated to a Culinary Experience like no other on the Lake, and our Menu focuses on the Freshest and Most Creative Locally Sourced, Seasonal Faire whenever possible. We believe that Comfort Food comes in many forms, and we aim to touch on the familliar, with a Splash of the exotic!


We cater to food allergies, intolerances, and preferences as required.

A selection of soft drinks and water is provided and included in the Base Charter price.

We do not provide alcoholic beverages, but you are welcome to bring your own.

3 Hour Sunset Cruise Base Price $675

Add on options:

Six Course Gourmet Meal for 1-4 people *6people by special request,  $110  per person.

Seasonally inspired 3 course charcuterie Plate for 1-6 people, price per person $30

IMG_1923 2.jpg
IMG_0239 2.jpg

3 Hour Lunch Time Scenic Cruise

with optional

4 Course Gourmet Meal or Charcuterie Plate

And desert options!

Our Lunch Time Charter is three hours in duration, and is hands down, one of the most elegant mid day meals known on the lake.

Guests are treated to a culinary experience that is sure to satisfy the senses! Our menu is seasonally satisfying and customizable to your desires. As always, we cater to any food allergy or preferences required.

A selection of sodas and water are included in the Base Price of the tour.

3 Hour Lunchtime Scenic Cruise Base Price $675

Add on options:

Four Course Gourmet Meal for 1-6 people, *6people by special request,  $70 perperson

Seasonally inspired 3 course charcuterie Plate for 1-6 people, price per person $30

Add Desert $10 per person


2 Day Lake Adventure

Exclusive Privacy Escapes

Our Two Day Adventure is the Elite, Exclusive, Private Adventure getaway you have been dreaming of....

Prepare to be treated like Royality, on a once in a lifetime adventure to our favorite and most hidden spots on the lake. The options are almost endless, and season depending, we can take side trips in our tender boat, "Adventure Two", such as, exploring the Clark Fork Delta or the rocky shorelines seeking out Waterfalls and the lesser known historic and geological features around the lake.

Or you can relax and kick you feet up, enjoing the slow cruise, sights, sounds and freedom only found here......

Guests are treated to a lovely culinary experience like no other on the lake. Our menu is seasonally satisfying and filled with quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. As always, we cater to any food allergy or preferences as required.

A Maximum of two overnight guests. You will recieve a beautifully appointed VIP State room with Queen walk around bed, adjoining restroom, and plenty of privacy.

P.S. For those who seek distance from the media, we can accommodate a completly private pick up and drop off from Spokane International Airport or the Couer d' Alene Airport. We aim to get you away from it all, and offer the annonimity and relaxation that may seem unatainable.... Call for details and options. We are here to help.

2 Day Adventure Cruise: (All Meals Included)

Charter Price for 2 people $3450

Alcohoic beverages are not provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Call for options and specific requests so we can customize your adventure.



For those seeking the most Breathtakingly Beautiful, Memorable, ZERO STRESS wedding in the entire Pacific Northwest, a Private Chartered Wedding aboard a Private Yacht is the pinnacle of taste and simple elegance!

This package is all inclusive, and offers everything necessary to simply walk aboard and save months of planning! 

Wedding Package includes:

A two hour Wedding Charter aboard Adventure One, Beautifully Decorated in white and blush pink florals and greenery. 

Our own Non Denominational, Ordained Minister, First Mate Molly Bond, to provide a lovely and lasting exchange of vows.

Keepsake Tying of the Knot, signifying the Safe Harbor of your Union.

A Professional Photographer, who is skilled in capturing the Beautiful and Candid moments of your Special Day aboard. (minimum of 25 edited photos, but you are likely to get more)

A Delicious and Lovely dessert of Guilded Cheesecake, or Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake and non- alcoholic Champagne toast. (You are welcome to provide your own Champagne if desired.)

Everlasting Bouquet and Boutonniere for use during the duration of the Chartered Cruise. (these can also be purchased, if desired)

Celebratory Honking of the Horn and Ringing of the Ship's Bell.

Breathtaking views, Unsurpassed by any other venue!

Up to 6 passengers, $1700

Bring the love of your life, and leave the rest to us!

Proposal, Engagement, and Vow Renewals

Life is beautiful, and worth celebrating! 

We love to help you punctuate the special and noteworthy moments in your life with breathtaking memories!

Contact us to plan your unique and customizable experience. We aim to make your dreams come true!


Burials at Sea and Remembrance Services

One of our highest honors is to help families and friends find closure, peace, and joy in celebrating the lives of their departed loved ones.

There is something quite magical about the majestic mountains and waters of Lake Pend Orielle, and they tend to be the perfect setting for celebrating life, embracing loss, and allowing the gentle rocking of the boat to bring comfort.

If words elude you, our First Mate, Molly Bond, is pleased to assist with the perfect eulogy, if desired.

A variety of sodas, water, and tissues are provided in the Base Price of this package. Hugs are free.

Two hours in duration. 1 to 6 passengers. $550

Mountain Goat, Eagle and

Wildlife Photography Tours

Our pristine, remote, and untouched shorelines are a Safe Haven for North Idaho's most remarkable wildlife, all viewable from the comfort of our Climate Controlled and fully glassed in Charter Yacht.

From the Yacht, you will have front row seats to see the spectacular resident Mountain Goats, Whitetail Deer, and even the occasional Moose and Lynx. Our Ever Popular, Bald Eagle Season, is from Mid November through January, but we often see resident Bald Eagles year round. Frequently, we watch Osprey perform masterful fishing right in front of us, and enjoy many migratory birds including, but not limited to, Canada Geese, Swan, Gadwall, Mallard, Common and Goldeneye Ducks, Blue Heron, Kingfishers, Giant Loons as well as, Common, Red Breasted and Hooded Mergansers.

Every Charter is an opportunity to see the SPECTACULAR, and our lake never dissapoints those who choose to take in it's Vast Beauty.

Wildlife/ Photography Tours are three hours in duration.

Base Charter Price 1-6 people $675

Eagle Season Charters: (November to January)

Two Hour Tours, departing 11 am and 2pm daily,

Base Charter Price 1-6 people $575

A Huge, Elegant and TASTY Seasonally inspired 3 course Charcuterie Board can be added to any of these tours for only

$30 Per Person.